Free Sound Recorder

Free Sound Recorder Version 9.4.3 Free

Record your favorite sounds and audio and edit them to add more audio effects to enhance their quality

We all love to record out favorite audio and sounds so that we can capture the precious moments such as the first time that a baby speaks or laughs. By default, Windows OS has its own sound recording program which only caters to the basic needs of the user. For more advanced features, one can look to the Free Sound Recorder that promises to do much more than the same kind of utility offered by windows. The program records any audio that your PC’s sound card is processes and saves it on your disk. But along with the recording feature, users can make use of the additional features the program has to offer like time scheduling and hot key usage. The user interface of Free Sound Recorder has been designed to resemble a traditional media player and the user can find all the controls related to the program at the top. WMA, MP3, OGG and WAV are some of the formats in which the user can save his audio file and later use it for playback. The files are saved along with the date and time stamp for easy reference. In the program, there is a built in ‘Voice Active System’ that helps users eliminate background noise when recording audio so that the audio quality is enhanced. There are detailed help links and files available to the user in case there is something which he does not understand.
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